5 Reasons to order a professional background check

Criminal background check

Should you perform a background check on new hires? No doubt about it.

Here are 5 reasons why it makes sense.

1.Hiring employees

As a matter of safety employers need to do background checks on all potential employees. A background check can also be a means of gaining insight into the character of the candidate.

2. Buying a business

It’s a good idea to consider looking into the background of the person selling the business before you sign. It is just as important to look into the background of the business itself. You will want to know something about the person you are dealing with and the reputation of the business you are buying in order to make sure the deal is legitimate. A little foresight to begin with can prevent problems down the road.

3. Security clearance

People working for the government must go through background checks. Certain positions require extensive background checks in order to grant security clearance.

4. Identity theft

Most of all background checks are done for a positive reason. There are scammers out there posing as legitimate entities asking for your information so they can steal your identity. If someone wants to do a background check on you, make sure you know who it is, why it’s necessary and ask what they plan on doing with the information.

5. Litigation

Background checks can provide valuable information for attorneys to use in court. Information obtained is often used to verify testimony or refute it. It can also be used to prove a person’s honesty and credibility or lack of the same.